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Sunday, May 1

Summer Lovin'


      You know its summer when, temperature rises to 34 degrees Celsius and the wind gets dry. For kids, it is the time for “no more classes, no exams and no need to wake up early”. With these, it’s definitely the time for vacation. A season far away from the rigorous demands of work and busy life. Summer has arrived.

      Summer has always been associated with sun, sand and swimsuits. And with it is the occasional tan, as a proof that one had a great time basking under the scorching heat of the sun. Hitting the beach will require a lot of confidence, that’s if you are tinkering on the idea of wearing your stunning swimsuit. Confidence is all you will ever need especially if you are not blessed with a 36.24.36 figure or a well-chiseled body with 6 packs abs. But don’t forget that the most important thing is to enjoy the place, the activities and the good conversation you had with either a family or friend.
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   As anguish and disappointment lingers on my very deep; that few could love thy man to which they keep, without hesitations, restrictions and conditions: and would not indulge into another’s affection.

    Who would be brave to take the helm of this so called-junk? , a relationship where affluence inflects. Where he is totally willing to provide an outright love and sacrifice despite of this henious incontentment that corrupts her partner’s core.

   Living a life fabricated by fantasy and extravagance where she tramples the efforts of he who though can not provide everything still stive to do so. This is the unreasonable qualification that blinds the eye of she who truly finds love.



 Isn’t obscure that a cat in a lions lair would actually survive? In worse case, that would definitely be pathetic. It would sound to as the first one is trying to succumb his fate,(embracing death). But the possibilty of survival could still be feasible, only if it could muster enough nerve to endure and face the consequences with learning the paradigm on living of its prey. Finding ways to live better and developing oneself to attain expected growth.

    Definitely it is different among the others but that doesn’t expound that the latter abilities is limited only to their race.

  One day will come, and the cat (in his Deceitful physique) would rise above the rest to prove that anything is impossible to someone who is determined and has faith. (as Me: the cat)



It was a very beautiful morning; the sun shone brightly, reflecting through my window as if waking me up to welcome the day with a wide smile on my lips. I thought it was a fantasy but i realized it was for real. I hoped that it would never end, its as if the cuddly morning angels struck me with a bow. I prayed that i would wake up the same feeling everyday but then again; i know it was far from reality.

   The day came and the thing that it thought that exist banished or should i say never ceased to exist. And that was the day the cupid turns into S’ cupid, coz i realized i was so stupid. Sooo …Stupid that i believed everything happened was for real, that you r real ; and now, i know that beautiful mornings is not really beautiful till the sun set.



Love and Business has a lot in common.  In product life cyle

First the Introductory stage, this is where the product is introduced to its target market in the reason of gaining its loyalty. Whereas in love, one would intoduce himself and do special things to attract the other.

Next the Growth stage. In business, the market are now more familiar with the product and its benefits. In love partners meet and got the chance to know each other more intimately. They are now more comfortable to each other, sharing laughter and special memories.

Then comes Maturity. In businness, products bring more profit, competitors are also staring to emerge. In love, This is the most sweetest part. Partners are more attached to each other having one as a part of his/her life. This is also the stage where partners are experiencing troubles. Relationship also becomes shaky at this times.

Lastly the saddest part. Decline. In love this is where all crashes down for whatsoever reason. Where all the the things and memories put into waste . Others may survive and revive, some may lose.
At the end one would decide whether to venture into another business/product or just accept  that its not their line. whatever decision one will make , for sure he/he has learned something and this experience had mad him/her stronger.



Excerpts (March 25, 2008)

For the most part of that night i persuaded myself it was a nightmare, I bit myself and screamed in a passionate desire to awake. I beat the ground with my hands, and got up and sat down again, and wandered here and there, and again sat down.

But still nothin’s change, it was after all a reality, a truth to which i am compelled to face and overcome, to accept and move on. A present that has become my past, a past which would somehow contributes to detemine my future.

Moving on isn’t easy especially after a heavy rain had ruined all your dreams; almost destroyed your foundations and brought famine of strength into your heart. For theres not always a rainbow to share luminous light especially when the dark clouds of the rain had met the dark of the night.



It was a peaceful night: insects buzzed and chirped as though dancing on a gleamy light of the moon, with the cool waters of mist glinting through the windows, a short distance on my room. The wind outside sighed in the treetops, and the gentle rain shower creak and rustled above our rooftop, cold and alive in the middle of the night.

It was then until i was awakened from my slumber of a sudden call, hearing your hoarse voice weeping over a nightmare, foreseeing a day from which u saw me trampling over our years of relationship, leaving u behind.

As the clock past few more minutes, you have learned to succumb your fears; holding on to a faith that i would never leave u nor forsake u and that dreams do happen the other way around: I smiled and agreed. You believed that i wholeheartedly love u and that i longed to have u as my partner till the end of time, Silence fills the air, a tear drop from my eyes then i thought yes it was just a dream:but some dreams do come true.



01.03.11 Excerpts

Fresh start. This was a common phrase we usually hear on New Year’s Day. Indeed it was a fresh start for most of us, but not all of us. Everyone wanted to change things in their lives hoping to make it better. I confess to be one of them, although this year, what happened was much more of a same old brand new rather than a fresh start. Nothing is new except for one thing, I found myself scribbling on the keyboard squeezing out my literary juices to come up with something. Hmm… I hope I can do this more often. And what keeps me motivated? I was in a jeepney with several high school students on my way home few minutes ago. It was nice reminiscing the past seeing those young people talk about their school stuffs; but I felt a little pain. I regret those times that I haven’t took advantage of my youth. I could have done better. So I started this to remind me of my past and guide me the where I am going.

It was really hard to start a new one because life is difficult and unfair, that’s your reason if you are one of those dumb lazy people where I happened to be. Sad but true. No matter how eager you are to start if you are scared of what you may encounter in the long run, you will certainly not succeed. It is as if walking in a dark room, you cannot see anything but you just have to push through. Overcome your fear or be devoured by it. As long as you know where you are heading to, with pure faith and strength you will surely be victorious. Well, easy for me to say yet I still cannot do it.

The past year was one of those hard times where I am struggling to achieve my goals. And the ending? Several breakthroughs but overall DEFEATED. It may sound too dramatic but life is dramatic. Everyone has its own story. Ending might be similar but the ways and process to attain it differs. I know this wouldn’t be an easy battle. I just wish writing this would ignite what I have inside to bring all my aspirations and dreams to reality. I hope I can win this time.



  The moon was setting, and the dying moonlight of the first pallor of dawn was mingled in a ghastly half-light. The bushes were inky black, the ground in sombre grey and the sky was colorless and cheerless. My mind is completely in vague as I scanned the view keenly. Indeed, it has been a gloomy night; even the eerie sound from somewhere hasn’t banished yet.

     I may have been stunned in a moment; but after few seconds, I felt a sudden rush of feelings from within. I am afraid I cannot convey the peculiar sensations that I had; it is as if I am in an agony of discomfort. I felt like my emotions were being sucked up and affected by the mysterious air that haunts me. Then I STARTED TO CRY.

     I woke up; it was just a dream, a dream that has left nothing but tear-drops on my pillow. Remnants which will remind me of a mystery waiting to be unfold. A problem to be solved, to clear the dark clouds away.



(2011 Revised Title)
Originally written: April 6, 2007

I don’t know where apart
I don’t know where it start
but i think and i knew
that i fell in you

So many reasons to hide
much more treasures to live
memories that i receive
all of them i want to save

Many decisions we made
many roads we take
but i knew that songs are the one
that bind us to make us one

Now that im sure what i want you to be
a special friend that is just like me
and that the truth will be as hard as stone
that will never leave me alone.