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Wednesday, October 10

Apparitions on Baclayon Church's wall

Considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, the church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion or popularly known as the Baclayon Church in Bohol was constructed late 17th century.  There was a rumor that some natives were forced to construct the church from coral stones which they took from the sea, cut into square blocks, and piled on to each other. Bamboo trunks were utilized to move and lift these stones in position; a million egg whites were also used cement them together.   Some claims says that the church has a dungeon which was used to punish natives who violated the rules of the church during the Spanish regime. This might explain why apparitions appeared on the pillars of the church.

How many apparitions do you see? I found 10 but there might be more..

Aside from these apparitions, here's what i found inside the church

An old confessional booth

An old dim room filled with carved images of different saints and patrons. The effect of lighted candles contributes in making the room an eerie place

The grandiose altar piece


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