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Saturday, November 5

Cake & Coffee All You Can!

It has been a month since an officemate showed me a promotional flyer of a coffee shop. Written in bold white letters, it clearly says Unlimited Coffee and Cake for P150. Being a marketing professional who handled promotions for two years, I immediately looked for restrictions; a promo condition most likely written in small text concealed by an interesting image. Unfortunately or should I say luckily, I wasn’t able to find any. Still not convinced, I searched the internet but just got the same information.
Having a fascination on pastries and sweets, I excitedly told my friends about the promo.  We decided to give it a try but for some reasons we couldn’t find a branch nearby. So to speak, we ended up having our dinner on a favorite restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan.
Much to my surprise, I incidentally found a branch of The Coffee Beanery on Edsa Shangrila mall few weeks after. Without a second thought, i enthusiastically phoned my friend and told her about the good news.  I waited for her to finish her job and the rest is history…
For those who have a sweet tooth, this is definitely a must-try.

No frills, just order your first cup of coffee and a slice of any cake on display then you’re on to a delectable treat. If you are on the mood of trying a different cake, feel free to do so; just be sure to finish first what is on your plate.

Sugar and creamer are available for those who are not a fan of pure brewed coffee.

A heavenly slice of luscious cake and a steaming cup of coffee of your choice will surely make you feel like a kid in a candy store.



  1. ^-^ yum! yum! sugar overdose!

  2. there's a branch of that in greenhills, but not exactly in the mall, don't remembe the street but it's near or behind the mall building. :)