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Sunday, June 12

The Choice is Yours'


      Life is short; A popular saying among our folks. Ever since I was a child, I always hear about this but never did I really know what it really meant. For the past few days I have been lingering on that thought. Well, indeed it is short; so short that it can even end in the most subtle way as you are reading this.

But technically, life isn’t really short. It just so happen that we do not really know when it’s going to end, that we wouldn’t be able to prepare ourselves and the people around us for it. Living your life for 20 to 40 years is long enough, that’s if you are satisfied on how you spent it.

As this is so true to most of us, what should we do about it? Should we enjoy life to the fullest and get reckless on our actions? Or stand up and make our own mark that the future generations will remember?

The choice is ours!