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Wednesday, September 5

Lovely Legazpi

Last month, I went to Legazpi in Albay, Bicol along with my two other officemates. That 2 days escapade was actually a business trip with a little leisure; but not so much of a vacation.  There wasn’t anything special about that trip except from the fact that (i thought) I’d be able to visit some good Bicolano friends. Unfortunately, I was surprised to know that we didn’t have much free time to spend; as we were booked to a flight back to Manila the next day. Nevertheless, we performed our job and made the best out of the trip.
Here’s the finish product of what we did

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1 comment:

  1. Wow..
    Let me just add:
    1. The original "Gateway" to Bicolandia is Camarines Norte (my home province) but due to the Andaya/Quirino Highway(I think), by passing Cam. Norte, it changed to Cam. Sur. This video said Legazpi, now I'm confused. ^^
    2. Did u guys miss the cave at the foot of Lignion Hill? It is said that it is filled with World War II stuff including a fighter plane. I could not see it for myself, darn claustrophobia.
    I have been in Legazpi most of my life, mostly because I had my college years here, but I haven't tried things like Zip lines or hanging bridges... Stupid Acrophobia. ^^
    3. Quad Bikes/ATVs!!!! So envy!!!!!!
    4. The Lava Front from the eruption of 2006 followed by typhoon Reming which poured 2-3 months of rain in just 8 hrs over all of Albay. This lead to a massive lahar which devastated almost all towns, including Legazpi, surrounding Mayon. Killed hundreds, erased 2 towns from the map and turned Legazpi into the poorest City in the Region. Albay quickly recovered, but that nightmare will never be forgotten. I remember it like it was just yesterday.
    4. Too bad Mayon hid behind clouds during the Cagsawa part, I guess she was shy. ^^
    Legend says, that if u are about to see Mayon for the first time, u should remember if she was hiding behind clouds or not. Coz if you see her for the 1st time and she is hiding, your not a virgin anymore. ^^

    Over all, nice vid bro! Kudos to you and your workmates. More power and God bless!