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Saturday, July 9


(noun) :a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being sometimes exaggerated in pathological states as mania.

As a gruesome day at the school or office stresses us, having a food or an activity we loved to do is a sure fire way to calm down our senses. People have different ways to unwind and relax. For some, going out at night could be a great avenue to release stress, celebrate life and meet new people. Some choose to pig out on restaurants, belt out on ktv bars, rush for a midnight movie or spend the night splurging on bars and clubs.
As for me, I prefer to have the best of all worlds. I love to hang out and have a serene memorable moments with my friends over dinner or movie.  I believed that a nice conversation with the people you value is one way to kick out those bad vibes.
Being consumed by euphoria makes some of us temporarily forget or get totally relieved from the stresses of work and life. For some time, i prefer to get drowned by flashing lights while strutting my stuff on clubs.

 The dancing warm colored lights, upbeat sounds and the glamorous people clothed in cocktail dresses and polo makes up the party atmosphere on  these  social havens. For me, the loud danceable music on these clubs seems to be a hailing sound that echoes on my ears like a lullaby on a baby sleeping. I can say that whether you are alone or with the company of friends, these places might bring you to a temporary bliss. Not to mention that a drink or two of your favorite cocktail drink might complete the night.

Just don’t overdose yourself or you’ll end up waking up with a headache. on the other side, meeting new acquaintances or casual hookups is a common sight on these places.

With the effect of alcohol on the body giving it an indescribable heat and confidence , it provides a feeling of greatness and acceptance. Dancing and chatting with total strangers may or may not prosper into a good relationship outside the party premises. Everyone must always remember that the reason why we went these places is to enjoy, relax and have a clean fun. It is nice to meet a new person from time to time but just be sure not to get carried away by that feeling. Most importantly, we must not forget to set and follow our limitations.