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Monday, September 10

D.I.Y. Yakult Green Tea

A few minutes ago, I was thinking whether to gulp in Yakult or green tea. And then I realized, why choose one if I can have both. That’s when the idea came out. I remembered how the Yakult green tea on tea houses tastes like: I gathered what is needed and created my own. Here’s how to make one:

What you need:
1 pc green tea
1 bottle Yakult
1 cup boiling/hot water
Ice/cold water
Sugar to taste

     1.       Prepare tea mixture following usual package directions.
     2.       Pour in Yakult and ice/cold water
     3.        Add sugar to taste (optional)
     4.       Viola! Enjoy!

     Isn't this simple? Try this on your own and let me know hot it goes ^_^