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Thursday, October 13


Thinking on where to spend your weekend payday? Why not start completing your gifts for your loved ones. Get your cards and wallet ready for this weekend Sale Schedule.

First stop, visit SM megamall in Mandaluyong and take advantage of its Mega 3-day Sale

And if you can’t find what you like, head on to Robinson’s Galleria or any Robinson's Mall for their Giant Sale.

For sure there’s something for every member of the family or friend at these malls.
This is definitely a good time to jumpstart your Christmas shopping tradition. ^_^


Sunday, October 9

Let's Get Physical...

his morning, I woke up early (alright not so early) and decided to give myself a jumpstart on a healthy living. I realized that convincing yourself to go for a jog isn’t really hard at all; what’s difficult is to force yourself to get off that bed most especially if you are still enjoying a nice vivid dream. Luckily, I managed to push myself to wake-up and hit that morning shower. I got my running shoes on and made my way to AFP Grandstand in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
I started my warm-up exercise with few stretches and a brisk walk for the first 200 meters. The environment is as inviting as it looks like. The misty cool wind, green trees and plants, colorful flowers and the entertaining sound produced by chirping small birds ignited the fire with excitement to go for a jog.

Generally, I did not intend to lose weight; I just wanted to eliminate these stomach fats I gained from months of pigging-out. Most importantly, I believe that doing so will improve my over-all health. 

As I walked towards the asphalt made tracks, I immediately noticed that those jogging lanes are equipped with lights; Side tracks lights that illuminate the path of those who decide to perform their physical routine by dusk or dawn.

The entire place is also filled with lush green trees, plants and grass which provide visitors an ample fresh air. Moreover, it offers joggers and runners the tranquility they need to focus on improving their overall health and physique.  

The Jogging trail is painted with kilometer markings to guide everyone on how far they have jogged. Running paths are also painted with white lines that serve as lane guides for runners.

After an hour of jogging, running and brisk walking, I felt totally exhausted. I found myself almost dripping wet, sitting in one of the benches as I grasp for air.

I grabbed my water bottle to invigorate but much to my surprise, i found it empty.  Luckily, there are drinking fountains available for those who would want to rehydrate and quench their thirst. I walked my way to one of those and refilled my water bottle whilst buying some time to recuperate. 

Generally, it was a fun and strenuous activity. I am looking forward to do that more often, hopefully with a company of a family or friend. For sure I would be getting muscle pains any moment now but who cares, it was all worth it!

Sunday, October 2

Death, as we know it...

hen people die, family, friends and colleagues grieves. It is innate to mankind to mourn for the lost of a loved one; but a day or two shall pass and each life will go back to normal as if nothing happened. Depending on how deep the relationship had been built, some may recover for weeks, some for months, years while other will just go on with their lives the day after the burial. It’s a great thing that some people can just go back to normal couple of days or months after such events; this may mean that they have moved on and that they believe that the deceased has already reunited with the creator above.  On the other hand, some, or mostly families of the person departed find it hard to let go and move ahead. Losing someone who has been directly part of your life is really an excruciating experience. I am not getting sympathy but I have also lost a couple of friends and family members; I know how it feels to wake up one day not seeing that person as you used to be, and I know some of you also do.
 Let’s see it the other way around; if you’ll be on your deathbed for sure you want to be given that much attention and want to be remembered when you died. Unfortunately, there are some people who just wouldn’t care. This is the sad truth that everyone will experience in the future. Your boss, your childhood playmates and even your friends will surely be sad upon hearing your demise; but that’s the least thing they could do. They will be back on track as if nothing happened in no time.
On a lighter note, enjoy life. As an old saying goes “Live life to the fullest”. Make every hour of your life count. Most importantly, share it and be a blessing to everyone; with this, for sure you have made a mark and will always be remembered.


[credits to photo owner]